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Symptoms may include, headache, nausea, heart attacks, instant death, spontaneous combustion.
This page is devoted to art, and forms of expression...Why? Because we want to...Is it all good? No...Is it supposed to be? No...Do we care? Not the least bit...We will constantly be arranging, rearranging things, breaking things, and overall doing what we damn well please...If you would like to submit anything for the page send it to | Conspired | Have a good day.

1-22-00..Okey Dokey...This is Robin....Josh usually does this due to my lack of motivation (ironic because this page was my brain-child...I'm flaky like that). Anyhow I made some minor changes and added my poem "H.G. Wells, what the fuck?". That's all for now. Have a freakelicious day.

1-26-00..Okey Dokey..This is Josh....Robin is usually slack with the updating. I added a guestbook, sign it. I changed the logo, like it. I added more art, look at it. Thank you.





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